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  • April 23, 2018
  • What To Buy On Christmas?

    Christmas and credit cards are a deadly mix for many. How can you avoid overspending at this time of year? Most people have probably thought about saving for Christmas, however, most of them have thought of it too late already. It is very important to plan and save money for Christmas ahead of time considering that it does not come as a surprise.

    But have you ever thought on how fast Christmas has arrived? And the fact is that the older you get the quicker it seems to arrive. The last few years have been tough for many so no doubt others are in the same position as you so will be happy at your suggestions of gift giving this year.

    There are definitely a lot of ways on how to save money on Christmas, one of which is to bring one gift to a family member during the holidays rather than buying each one a separate present knowing that you” get pressured and spend more money.

    Limit the spend on the gift to say $40 and state that it must be for male or female and must start with a letter of the alphabet for a bit of added fun. Since everyone has a gift, it can also be drawn randomly so that everyone has one. Apart from the fun part, it also shows a bit of luck for everyone else. Surprise is definitely an essential during the holiday seasons. The potential of each family member to save for a gift is also very important to feel the true spirit of surprise and gift giving.

    Drawing a name of each family member in a hat in order to know on whom the gift will be given is also one way of gift giving this Holiday. It is also very important to put a limited price on the gift that will be given, in that way, you can save money. This way you can still be personal with what you get the family member. Club together and each member puts $5 to $10 towards something special for your grandmother, mother or chosen person. This is one of the best ideas on how to give someone a special gift without spending too much. Do you get reward points on your credit cards? You can use your points on your credit cards in order to cash out the gift that you will buy. Some of us may feel the pressure during Christmas especially in giving gifts to our family, however, the best present that we can share to them is our time and presence during this special day.